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The Seacroft Parish Children and Young People’s Programme has come out of the work of the Church of England in Seacroft responding to the needs of our community.

The aims of the Programme are:

a. To provide a range of activities during out of school hours for children and young people within the Parish of Seacroft, especially for children and young people who experience disadvantage.

b. To help and assist children and young people to improve the conditions of their lives by realising their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

c. To enable family and intergenerational activities which are fun, challenging and easily accessed.

The Main activities of our organisation; Children’s holiday clubs, family fun days, events residentials and activities available to the whole community often in partnership with other local community organisations.


Seacroft Parish Youth Kitchen @ Denis Healey Youth Hub

Seacroft Chance

Community Events and Fun Days